• Image of 10-Doh! Tombstones
  • Image of 10-Doh! Tombstones

show your love for a long dead console with a 10-Doh! Tombstone. each one is hand cast at Mana Studios and painted, signed, numbered by Nate Mitchell.

Large Grey Tombstone (Cracked)- These were intended to be an open edition color way, but these are now limit to 10. I'll be making more of the same color, but without cracks carved in.

Mini Grey Tombstones- SOLD OUT

Santa Hat Mini 10-Doh! Tombstone- SOLD OUT

more editions will be available soon.


  • Large Grey Cracked
    2 in stock
  • Large Ice Blu
    4 in stock
  • Mini Ice Blu
    10 in stock